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USC Health Sciences Education Program is a teaching and outreach organization dedicated to educating K-12 students in the LA school district about various health-science related topics, including sex education, sports medicine, and forensics sciences. We work closely with LA schools and teachers to connect these students with resources and information necessary to lead healthy and informed lives, including critical thinking skills and career interests. We are dedicated to creating our own health science curriculum, leading students in lessons, spreading public health information via our social media health project, and participating in community health fairs.



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Enhancing member development lies at the heart of USC's Health Science Education Program. Our program prioritizes comprehensive support through personalized mentorship, tailored academic and extracurricular advisement including course planning, and empowering professional development workshops.


A large part of HSEP's initiative is creating and giving presentations to different schools in LA on a wide range of topics. Here are our favorite presentations.

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